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$9.95. YOUR METRONOME IS NOW OBSOLETE! CLICK DISC 1 & 2 is a great practice tool containing 44 great sounding click tracks consisting of cowbell, shaker, and tambourine sounds (also available on 2 compact discs for $19.95). You should be practicing with a metronome, but you?re not?because metronomes sound terrible and are hard to get loud enough to hear over your instrument. Click Disc 1 & 2 solves both of these problems for a fraction of the cost of the cheapest metronome! THIS ITEM IS TOO LARGE FOR THE AUTO DOWNLOAD FEATURE USED WITH THE BOOKS ON THIS SITE. SO WHEN YOU PURCHASE, YOU WILL RECEIVE A LINK (via email) TO DOWNLOAD WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY (usually much sooner). For reviews of this product, please see the rave reviews page at
Click Disc 1 & 2 Download
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